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Be indispensable!

Your patients and health consumers are looking for solutions that are convenient and hassle-free. Offer them a chance to contact you on a secure video-calling platform where they can access you from work, home or holiday. 

Go online

Bring your offline pharmacy online. PlatPharma is the first UK platform offering online video consultations, appointment scheduling, e-commerce and EPOS solutions to independent pharmacies. Built by pharmacists for pharmacists, the platform will empower the profession to stand out as a pivotal part of the NHS


Work smarter

 Adopt the latest technology to add value to your everyday offering. Digitise your paperwork and workflow, update your services, have your own shop front and shedule appointments for flu jabs, smoking cessation, sexual health, MURs, NMSs, PGDs, and many other advanced and enhanced services as you increase your efficiency and time managemant

Quality services for Quality payments

Record and review all domains of your Quality payments scheme. From patient safety, to public health to clinical effectiveness, you can now provide digital evidence of signposting, HLP campaigns (by uploading photos) and delivery of all enhanced and advanced services. All private PGDs can be recorded under the patient's details and stored for the stipulated periods of time