About Platpharma

PlatPharma is the brainchild of a UK-based pharmacist with 25 years experience specialising in diabetes care, skincare and the numerous roles pharmacists play in providing accessible health and wellbeing advice. Many health consumers visit the pharmacy when they're unwell just to ask questions. But what if patients and health consumers could be better served by creating an experience where we offer remote consultations direct from smart devices? What if patients were able to get the help needed without leaving the comfort of their homes? This is equally useful if the advice needed is during work hours, whilst on holiday or caring for a loved one. 

Bringing offline pharmacies online, has been the main aim of setting up PlatPharma, truly believing that access to healthcare must be seamless and convenient to health consumers, patients and their care givers.

Now for the first time in the UK, a network of pharmacies will  come together to bring their expertise direct to smart devices, making it unnecessary to wait to speak to the medicine experts.

We want to make pharmacy an integral part of preventative health and the promotion of self-management and self-care. One way to enable pharmacists to deliver this, is to make the environment and the offering of a local pharmacy as professional as possible by adopting technological advances and selecting alternative approaches to actively staying healthy and preventing long term diseases and complications. All this in keeping with the profession's clinical credentials. By stocking, recommending and promoting products that carry strong claims backed by research and data, consumers and patients are presented with a good reason to consult and connect with their local pharmacist.

The aim is to streamline access to medicine advice and obtaining the right treatment for acute conditions. PlatPharma will remove barriers to getting advice from a reliable healthcare professional. However, the platform is intended as a solution to bring offline pharmacies online, therefore PlatPharma is NOT legally responsible for the medical advice and recommended treatments or outcomes given by individual pharmacists.